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Mobile Law Enforcement Box for Security Supervision

  • No:GPA-AJ07
  • Quantity:
    1. Field Information Acquisition
    Based on the integrated office book, Bluetooth print, video and audio and wireless scanning equipment of security supervision mobile law enforcement box, the functions of collecting, editing, transmitting and issuing multimedia information such as text, picture, audio and video are realized, and the collected information is transmitted to the background in real time.
    2. On-site law enforcement
    Law enforcement can be carried out at the first time on the spot, and at the same time, law enforcement behavior can be standardized and sunshine law enforcement can be carried out.
    3. Mobile Office
    Based on the existing OA system, it provides functions such as to-do, mobile mail, address book, information push and index display of decision data.
    4. Personnel positioning
    The GPS function in the law enforcement box can facilitate leaders to check the geographical location of law enforcement personnel at any time, facilitate emergency handling, and play back the trajectory information of the mobile law enforcement box.