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Portable 4G Mobile Video Communication Command Box

  • No:4G Mobile Video Communication Command Box
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    Product Overview:

    Dongbo Video 4 Mobile Video Communication Command Box is based on wireless network technology.Integrated multi-functional mobile communication command terminal. The equipment adopts waterproof and shock absorption design, and the system integration is non-existent.Line network transmission technology, network adaptive technology, recording and broadcasting storage technology, audio and video compression technology, GPS positioning technology, etc., to achieve real-time high-definition video communication, while rich in functions and high scalability.


    This 4G mobile video communication command box can be used for multi-point emergency control of fast video communication in accident scene.It has become the real-time high-definition interactive communication between the mobile command center and the backstage emergency command center. The command center completes the command dispatch according to the situation on the spot and adapts to the situation.Public Security, Fire Protection, Transportation, Mines, Electricity and HydraulicsEmergency security, emergency rescue, mobile monitoring, line maintenance, mobile command and so on.

    Highlighting features:

    4G Network/WIFI | Bidirectional High Definition Audio and Video | Delay-free Communication | Convenient All Wireless | Interconnection | Multifunctional Integrated Fusion

    1080P High Definition Two-way Audio and Video, Real-time Face-to-Face Interaction with Command Center

    Really Realize Delay-free Real-time Video Communication Command Collaboration

    All-wireless design, mobile network 4G/WIFI, ultra-large capacity lithium battery pack, to achieve rapid deployment and control of persistent communication command

    On-site mobile command center, which integrates field communication mode into a unified platform and interconnects with command center system network

    High Definition Ball Control System can be used for direct roof dynamic control and fixed-point and temporary control command.

    Receiving and displaying real-time law enforcement images such as ball control, pan-tilt camera, 4G law enforcement terminal, UAV, etc.

    Seamless connection with traditional video conferencing and interconnection with desktop and mobile terminal via private network/Internet

    Customized Development, Easy to Realize Embedded Fusion with Various Information Systems

    Realize the diversification of rescue command of "single soldier" and the coordination of rapid communication command in any environment

    Introduction of product mix scheme:

    4G Mobile Video Communication Command Box + 4G HD Cloth Control Ball


    4G Mobile Video Communication Command Box + Network Digital High Definition 1080P Cloud Camera


    Product applications:


    Safety in productionRealize the dynamic monitoring of construction safety in some high-risk environments (e.g. overhaul of high-voltage lines in power systems, on-site command of flood relief and disaster relief in water conservancy departments, environmental monitoring of high-speed railway lines by railway departments, etc.)

    Military exercisesThe visual command platform can be set up quickly and conveniently.

    Emergency rescueIt can collect the image, voice and data of the scene in time, and transmit them to the field command center and the remote fixed command center at the same time, so that the commander can understand the situation of the scene in the shortest time, command and deploy all kinds of rescue forces in the disaster and accident scene comprehensively, realize dynamic monitoring, and ensure the direction of the field disposal forces. To minimize the consequences of crises and disasters

    Technical parameters: