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Heiyi 4G Emergency Command Fixed Point Control Ball

  • No:M91H
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    Table 2 Detailed specification of M91H video recording function
    Project description
    Operating System Linux
    Industrial Design Safe and Reliable, Military Waterproof Interface Design
    Graphic operation interface can set various parameters of the system through external display screen and remote control.
    Support language Chinese, English, traditional (optional), other customizable (optional)
    Security Management User Password and Administrator Password
    Video and preview video input and output: 1 1080P video input and 1 CVBS video output; 1.0Vp-p, 75
    OSD character overlay function, time and date, vehicle ID and other information image overlay
    Video compression format H.265 compression coding, using Hisilicon 3516D high performance processor.
    Dual stream support
    Preview function supports single screen preview
    Frame rate 1080P: PAL: 25 frames per second; NTSC: 30 frames per second
    Resolution can support 1080P, 720P, encoding format
    Quality default quality 4Mbps
    Bit rate 720P: 1024 kbps, 2048 kbps, 3072 kbps, 4096 kbps, 5120 kbps, 5-level rate is optional
    1080P: 2048 kbps, 3072 kbps, 4096 kbps, 5120 kbps, 6144 kbps, 5-level code rate is optional
    Audio and audio input and output 1: External Bluetooth headset, no connection, temporary control more convenient
    2: High-quality voice intercom can be achieved within the range of Bluetooth receiving without the limitation of the length of the connecting line.
    Compression format adopts G.726 encoding
    Video storage media support two pluggable SD cards, each supporting 256 GB maximum; support SD card circular recording, full for circular deletion (deleted is the earliest video)
    Video strategy default boot video, support timing video, etc.
    Video retrieval can be searched according to video time, video type, video storage equipment and other conditions.
    Video Playback 1: Special Software for Real-time Preview of Video on a Computer in the same LAN
    2: Special software, which can download video and video quickly on computers in the same LAN
    Client supports fast forward, fast backward, playback, pause control, fast forward or fast backward at 2, 4, 8, 16 times speed, and optional playback control.
    Alarm input 1 way IO/alarm input and 1 way alarm output (optional)
    Alarm video pre-recording function, pre-recording 15 seconds before the alarm and video time after the alarm can be dynamically matched, 10 seconds to 1800 seconds
    Storage space alarm support disk space alarm function
    Functional Alarm Video Loss Alarm
    GPS signal loss alarm
    Location built-in GPS, BD
    G-Sensor built-in G-Senor
    Mobile network (optional) can support 3G, 4G, WIFI
    System Upgrade SD Card Upgrade, Client Upgrade
    Power Supply and Power Consumption Power Management 1. Button Switch
    With overload protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, etc.
    Input voltage DC: +19V
    Power consumption is less than 8.74W in daytime and less than 15.2W in night.
    Routine working environment temperature: - 20 ~55
    Humidity 10% to 95%
    Dimension 170 (W) x 277 (H) x 170 (D) mm (bare machine)
    Weight 11.28 kg (with boxes)