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Hechuang HC_FK_150 Visitor Integrated Machine, Professional Visitor System

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    HC_FK_150 Visitor Integrated Machine
    Product introduction

    Intelligent Visitor Registration Management SystemIt is a professional information management system specially designed for government organs, enterprises, office buildings, troops, schools, property districts and other units with strict entry and exit registration requirements, aiming at the entry and exit registration of personnel and vehicles.

    Product function
    Intelligent Visitor Registration Management SystemThe terminal equipment, which integrates advanced identification technology, digital camera technology and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, can record the visitor's document information and image information in detail and quickly, and provide a variety of ways to query the visitor's record. Intelligent visitor registration management system is the application of informationized office in guard management, and it is also the necessity of using modern scientific means to do well in guard work. Intelligent visitor registration management system has the functions of checking the identity information security of the personnel entering and leaving the unit and identifying the authenticity and falsity of the second generation ID card produced. The successful application of the system not only improves the quality and efficiency of the gatekeeper management, but also improves the image of office informationization of the user unit.

    Product parameters

    Serial number


    technical parameter


    Second Generation Resident Identity Card Reader

    Radio Frequency Technology: Complying with ISO14443 Type B Standard
    Working frequency: 13.56MHZ & plusmn; 7kHZ
    Decryption module: Resident ID card authentication security control module
    Type of card reading: second generation resident ID card.
    Read speed: read card time is less than 1.5 seconds, ID card read speed is less than 1 second
    Card reading distance: 0-5cm


    Display unit parameters

    Home screen: 15 inch LCD screen, the display can be rotated (adjustable angle of view)


    Industrial control host parameters

    CPU and main frequency: dual core, more than 1.8G; memory: 2G, memory: 500G hard disk
    External interface module: 8 USB2.0 interfaces (4 internal and 4 external); 1 TCP/IP interface; 2 telephone interface; 1 power interface.


    Camera unit parameters

    CMOS sensor; Pixel: 1200W HD camera. USB interface; frame rate: 120 frames per second


    Operation Storage Temperature and Humidity

    Working temperature: 10-35 C; working humidity: 10-85%;
    Storage temperature: - 20 - 60 C; Storage humidity: 20 - 80%.


    Visit Registration Function

    (1) Automatically read information by brushing second-generation ID cards (2) Photographs of other documents are saved as pictures.
    (3) Photographing visitors on the spot and storing them in the system (4) Automatically searching the telephone number of the visitors
    (5) Registration of visitors'units, purposes, mobile phones and other information, carry-on items, vehicle information, etc. (6) Registration of visitors' information


    Visitor List Viewing Function

    You can view the information of visitors who are currently visiting within your organization, and check the details in time.


    Visitor Check-out Function

    (1) manual check-out
    (2) Card reader reads IC/ID and other access card check-out (can be added)
    (3) Scanning Bar Code Check-out (Additional)


    Query function

    (1) Visitor information can be inquired and exported.ExcelDocumentation.
    (2)Can be queriedVIPCustomer information can be exportedExcelfile
    (3)Blacklist information can be queried and exportedExcelDocumentation.
    (4)Visitor history information can be inquired and exported.Excelfile
    (5)Real-time display of the current number of appointed visitors, the number of people to be confirmed, the number of people being visited and other information.


    Reservation Registration Management Function

    (1) Through the company's internal office terminals, visitors'units, names, identity cards, visiting time and other information can be pre-registered. When customers visit, the communication room, doorman and front desk personnel can quickly locate and register according to the reservation number, contact information and name.
    (2)It can modify, delete and export the list of reservations.


    Blacklist Registration Management Function

    (1) The blacklist can be registered. When the information of visitors is registered in the communication room, the doorman and the front desk, the blacklist can be automatically prompted and displayed. Direct denial of access. Eliminate potential safety hazards.
    (2)Blacklist list can be modified, deleted, exported and other functions.


    VIP Card Registration Management Function

    (1) RegisterableVIPList, when the communication room, doorman, the front desk to register visitors information, automatically prompted, displayed asVIPCustomer. Direct provision of rapid registration, enhance service image.
    (2)Yes.VIPList list modification, deletion, export and other functions.


    Visit Confirmation Function

    (1) Automatic telephone dialing function. After pre-registration, the passenger plane can dial up automatically.
    (2)Office network terminal information transmission and confirmation function (need to connect the intranet).
    (3)Mobile Terminal Information Transfer and Confirmation Function (External Connection Required)intelNet).


    Network Support Function

    (1) Supporting the use of stand-alone computers without networking

    (2)Supporting Information Sharing in Multi-LAN


    Other functions

    (1) Gatekeeper Super Phone function, which can realize the full record of incoming and outgoing calls and address books;
    (3)Easy touch handwriting function, equipped with professional handwriting software, easy for you to enter.
    (4)System Management Permission Classification,Front desk, background, administrator, system administrator, etc.
    (5)Visitor list style can be designed, including content and location, to meet the specific needs of each unit.