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General Purpose of Monitoring Equipment Special Box

  • No:Special box for monitoring equipment
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    Special box for monitoring equipment

    Product details:

    Place general monitoring and testing equipment with a square sponge (or protection interval). It has high strength, high impact resistance, fall resistance, sealing, waterproof, moisture-proof, pressure-proof and dust-proof.
    It is widely used in security supervision, public security, fire protection, anti-terrorism, military (sea crossing operations), aviation, outdoor photography, field investigation, scientific exploration and many other fields, and carefully protect your precious equipment.
    Ruggedness: The box body is made of high impact resistant polymer material, which is injection moulded in one. It is tough and compressive.
    Sealing: Flat elastic foam rubber strip is used to ensure waterproof and airtight.
    Durable: All hinged axles are made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant and durable.
    Multipurpose: Normal working range is - 25 C to + 80 C. Hygroscopic card can be selected to achieve low humidity preservation.
    Accessories can also be selected according to actual needs to meet various special requirements.