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AK-HYZ-08 Eco-Mobile Law Enforcement Equipment Box

  • No:AK--HYZ-08
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    FN-HYZ-08Safety-monitoring mobile law enforcement equipment boxTechnical solutions

    With the development of China's economy and society and the continuous improvement of the legal system, the scope of law enforcement work is more and more extensive, law enforcement workload is increasing.

    The public put forward higher demands on the efficiency, response and resilience of law enforcement departments.
    However, subject to the limitations of time, space, equipment and so on, law enforcement officials can not quickly enforce the law on the spot, improve law enforcement efforts, speed up law enforcement, build a harmonious law enforcement environment is imminent.
    FN-Security Mobile Law Enforcement Box Operating Platform provides an efficient, safe and practical law enforcement application supervision platform for law enforcement.
    The platform realizes a series of functions such as data query, data printing, data scanning, photography, video recording, GPS positioning, viewing laws and regulations, real-time exchange of data, etc.

    Reduces the intensity of law enforcement work, provides efficiency, and achieves sunshine law enforcement.

    Mobile law enforcement equipment box overview

    Safety supervision mobile law enforcement equipment box with rain, earthquake and other functions. The box can be placed portable notebook, on-board wireless portable printer, camera 4G single-person device, WIFI wireless scanning stick, special recording pen, high-camera, on-board power supply, cable and A4 printing paper. Each device can be connected in the box, opening the lid without a connection to use.

    Product features

    Own intellectual property mobile law enforcement equipment box, perfect overall security, high performance, high integration, easy to carry, the use of military-grade design, can be used in harsh environments, simple operation, ultra-fast deployment, hardware equipment integrated, out-of-the-box, scalable, scalable other portable on-site data analysis equipment, unified data transmission, Unify the power supply. Law enforcement box integrated equipment, to achieve text, pictures, audio, video and other multimedia information collection, editing, transmission, issuance and other functions, and the collected information real-time transmission to the background, conducive to the command center of the dispatch command.

    Product details

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