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Dual Preventive Mechanism Platform for Risk Control and Hidden Danger Detection

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    According to the relevant risk classification standards and risk evaluation methods, enterprises identify, evaluate and determine risk classification, define the responsible units and persons, implement control measures, and form a list of enterprise risk management and control. Departments responsible for the supervision of production safety grasp the safety risk part based on the results of enterprise risk classification. We will implement hierarchical supervision and dynamic inspection and supervision. On the basis of risk classification management and control, according to the risk control list and the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, the content standard of hidden danger investigation is formed, and the enterprise carries out hidden danger investigation and management work. The departments responsible for the supervision of production safety shall supervise, supervise and supervise the investigation and management of hidden dangers in enterprises. Risk classification management and control is the precondition to improve the scientific and pertinent management of hidden dangers. Risk control measures are the focus of investigation, and are the effective means to control and reduce risks. They promote and complement each other to effectively control risks and prevent accidents.

    The effect of risk classification management and control system construction:

    1After each round of risk identification and evaluation, the original control measures should be improved, or the safety and reliability should be improved by adding new control measures.

    The warning signs of major risk sites and locations have been maintained and improved.

    2A special guardianship system has been established for operations involving major risk parts and operations belonging to major risks.

    3Employees have a better understanding of the risks of their jobs, and their safety skills and emergency response capabilities have been further improved.

    4To ensure the continuous and effective system of risk control measures has been improved and perfected, and the ability of risk control has been strengthened.

    5According to the improved risk control measures, improve the list of hidden danger investigation items, so that the hidden danger investigation work is more targeted.

    Dual Prevention Mechanism Platform for Risk Control and Hidden Danger Detection of Xuntian SoftwareTo realize the interconnection and information sharing among the government, enterprises, departments and social service organizations, and to provide information support for the construction of a dual prevention mechanism. StrengthenenterpriseThe construction of internal intelligent and informationized management platform will input all identified risks and hidden dangers into the management platform, and gradually realize the informationized management of enterprise risk control and hidden danger investigation and management. In view of the key areas, key units, key parts and key links that may cause serious and extraordinarily serious accidents, the use of facilities and equipment such as remote monitoring, automatic control, automatic early warning and emergency evasion should be strengthened, and technical safety precautions should be strengthened so as to realize enterprise risk prevention and control, hidden danger investigation and control, and automatic alarm of abnormal situations.