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      Power Station Monitoring Anti-EMI Cloud Station

    • No:FY-SP Series
    • Quantity:


      The main technology and function of a Yuntai product customized by Flying Over Company for substation are as follows:
      1: Yuntai supports visible and infrared thermal imagery to realize real-time monitoring and monitoring, and supports intelligent recognition function of thermal imagery.
      2: All-weather operation of the whole system will not be affected by any natural environment. Whether it is windy, rainy or cold, continuous automatic monitoring can be realized.
      3: Strong anti-interference, which fundamentally ensures the accuracy and stability of temperature measurement data.
      4: The detection accuracy is high. The infrared thermal imager and the high zoom visible camera are installed on the same platform, which can not only ensure that the two cameras are monitoring the same device location, but also solve the problem that the infrared thermal image is difficult to identify the installation location of the device. It is convenient to judge the specific hot spot of the device in time, so as to accurately judge and adopt it. The corresponding measures have won valuable time.