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      Monitoring System of Low Temperature Antifreeze Cloud Table

    • No:FY-SP Series
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      Low temperature anti-freezing platform:
      Background technology:
      The monitoring platform is a kind of field monitoring equipment, which carries cameras, lenses, thermal imagery and other monitoring instruments to monitor the surrounding areas. Generally, there are two kinds of motion modes: horizontal and pitch rotation. Through these two kinds of motion, internal instruments can monitor different positions around them, and can monitor them effectively to the greatest extent.
      The relative motion area of the shell in the horizontal and elevation direction of the common platform and turntable is very large. Under the condition of snow cover or ice, it is easy to freeze and cause the equipment not to work properly or even burn down. The internal heating device of common platform and turntable is mainly used to heat the internal monitoring instrument, which can not effectively heat the shell of turntable. If the shell is frozen, the internal heating device can not effectively melt ice, and the platform and turntable will still not work normally because of the external ice.
      Flying over low-temperature freeze-resistant cloud platform and turntable characteristics:
      1. Flying over low-temperature anti-freezing platform and turntable adopts unique structural design to reduce the contact area of the platform, turntable horizontal and pitching rotation, thus reducing the frozen area outside the equipment and reducing the freezing degree of the equipment. The slight freezing can also be overcome by motor force, and the reduction of the frozen area also increases the equipment. The difficulty of freezing makes it more difficult for equipment to freeze in the same environment than common platform and turntable.
      2. Through rigorous assembly, the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction synchronized with temperature rise and fall on the mechanical parts of the platform and turntable is minimized to the greatest extent.
      3. Through many years of experiments and practices, Flying Over the Low Temperature Antifreeze Cloud Table and Turntable are equipped with low temperature resistant grease, which effectively solves the freezing phenomenon of Cloud Table and Turntable caused by the freezing of grease inside the Cloud Table and Turntable.
      4. Flying over low temperature anti-freezing platform and turntable with built-in heating device ensures that the temperature inside the platform and turntable is stable within the normal working range of camera, thermal imager, lens and various electronic components, so as to provide high-quality monitoring pictures for the back-end monitoring room.
      5. Flying Over Company has thermostat and other detection devices, for each cryogenic anti-freezing platform, turntable to do 2*24 hours of freezing test, customers can accept on the spot.