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Maritime and airport runway monitoring platform

  • No:FY-PT550
  • Quantity:


    FY-PT550 photoelectric turntable is a long-distance day and night monitoring product developed by Jinan Flying Mechatronics Technology Co., Ltd. for frontier monitoring, coastal defense monitoring, shipborne monitoring, forest fire prevention and other projects. It is designed and manufactured by military technology. It has high precision positioning, strong wind resistance, seawater corrosion resistance, lens focal length and focus position data feedback. It can be equipped with long-distance and long-focus lens, dayvision camera, large-aperture infrared thermal imaging, long-distance laser illuminator, laser rangefinder, etc. It can cooperate with automatic tracking and auto-focusing module to achieve the corresponding functions.
    The turntable is designed and manufactured by military technology, using high strength aluminium alloy material, the whole machine is designed for three-proof, anti-seawater corrosion, spherical turntable, small wind resistance, anti-33m/s strong wind, and can work in harsh environment; high-precision motor drive and precise angle encoder servo are used to realize high-precision positioning function and precise positioning. It has data feedback function, such as azimuth, pitch angle, focal length and focusing value, and can accurately locate the target. It has high load capacity, and can carry 750 mm focal length visible light camera and large-aperture infrared thermal imager to realize ultra-long-distance monitoring over 5 km.