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On-line Monitoring Terminal for Emission Detection of 4G Guoliu Diesel Vehicle

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    1. Product introduction:
    OBD data monitoring and application of H6S heavy truck and freight logistics vehicle Online environmental emission detection terminal is a 4-G intelligent information TBOX terminal hardware elaborately built for customers by Speedy Technologies aiming at heavy truck, 3.5-ton diesel vehicle, government environmental protection supervision platform, vehicle enterprises implementing the Sixth National Standard and other industry applications. TBOX terminal is designed at automobile level. It integrates J1939 bus protocol data, SM2 encryption, 4G cellular network, GPS+Beidou satellite positioning, six-axis G·, SENSOR and FLASH storage functions. It connects the electronic control unit of automobile ECU and the computer center of automobile engine control to collect environmental emission data through OBD or CANBUS bus. Real-time acquisition of engine data, nitrogen oxides data, DPF and diesel engine system data, GPS position tracking positioning and operation status monitoring for diesel trucks, logistics vehicles, 3.5 ton freight logistics vehicles, etc. are realized. At the same time, engine pressure, intake pressure and fault codes are collected according to J1939 protocol, through DB11-1475 or DB11-1475. GB-32960 transmission protocol, which uploads data directly to designated server through designated IP address and domain name, reserves external serial port and I/O port, and efficiently assists enterprises such as heavy diesel vehicle remote emission detection system platform, freight logistics management system, fleet remote management monitoring, freight vehicle financial platform, etc. to be more complete and wise. It can realize vehicle monitoring management and service more quickly.

    2. Product characteristics:
    Freescale (NXP) S32K144 based on 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F core is adopted.
    It conforms to AEC-Q100 specification.
    Integrated CSEc hardware security and ASIL-B ISO262 function security;
    The range of temperature resistance is - 40 & deg; C to 125 & deg; C;
    The satellite positioning system uses Zhongke micro-GPS + Beidou module to achieve 1 second hot start, 28 seconds cold start and 2.5M positioning accuracy in open environment.
    Built-in large capacity memory chips support offline data storage;
    It adopts multi-channel CAN design and is compatible with J1939, SAE 14229 and other bus protocols.
    CAN reaches Fully ISO 11898-2:2016 and SAE J2284-1 to SAE J2284-5 compliant;
    Six-axis model G*SENSOR can collect all attitude.
    The most advanced technology of TI is used in power management, and the power consumption can be controlled within 3 mA/h.
    The API interface instruction of national standard makes the server parse more intelligent and convenient.
    Supports customized real-time data upload intervals;
    Other sensors can be expanded.
    Support online and remote upgrade, support online and remote configuration of product parameters and configuration of IP address or domain name;

    3. Supporting J1939 freight logistics truck on-board terminal data collection sample inclusion:
    Vehicle speed, atmospheric pressure, engine maximum reference torque, engine net output torque, friction torque, engine speed, engine fuel flow, NOx sensor output, SCR inlet temperature, DPF differential pressure, air flow MAF, urea level, reactant margin, tank level, engine coolant temperature, longitude and latitude, etc.

    4. Product Application
    Heavy Truck-Environmental Emission Online Monitoring System
    Data Acquisition of Diesel Bus and Nitrogen Oxide
    Heavy Logistics Vehicle and Emission Monitoring
    Other Data Transfer: Freight Transport, Bus, Passenger Transport, J1939 Data Acquisition

    5. Function
    1. To meet the current requirements of Beijing Five-Year Plan data reporting, the specific standard is "DB11 (1475) Heavy Vehicle Exhaust Pollutant Emission Limit and Measurement Method";
    2. To meet the data reporting requirements of Hangzhou Five-Year Plan;
    3. Satisfy the data reporting requirements of "Guo 6".

    6. Design Standards
    1. The product technology conforms to the relevant provisions of "Radio Disturbance Limits and Measurement Methods for Information Technology Equipment";
    2. Car-borne hardware equipment is compact, easy to assemble and has strong anti-jamming, anti-bump, anti-hitting ability;
    3. High/Low Temperature Resistance: Vehicle-mounted hardware can work steadily in the environment of - 30 C to 70 C (cockpit);
    4. Data storage: Vehicle hardware has built-in large capacity memory chips to support offline data storage;
    5. Anti-disassembly: Vehicle hardware installation is specially designed to ensure that the general staff can not disassemble at will;
    6. Communication: The vehicle hardware adopts TCP communication mode to ensure the accuracy of real-time receiving, processing and output of information, and provides a supporting SIM card.
    7. Support on-line and remote upgrade, support on-line and remote configuration of product parameters;
    8. Circuit design: On-board hardware is equipped with external charging circuit, after power is cut off, the alarm is uploaded, and the built-in spare battery is supported. After power is cut off, the equipment can work continuously for more than 5 minutes.
    9. With power saving measures, the refresh interval of ordinary mode is short when moving, and the refresh interval of power saving mode is long when parking.
    10. To meet the national standard GB-T32960.X-2016-Electric Vehicle Remote Service and Management System Technical Specification.