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3rd generation mobile intelligent patrol terminal

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    Product Introduction:
      On the basis of the second generation of mobile intelligent patrol terminal, the appearance and structure of the part of the improvement, and add more intelligent analysis functions, can be to traffic and traffic personnel to carry out feature analysis, extract license plate number, car color, face, clothing color and other featureinformation, and structure its data. Widely used in 110 patrol, traffic police patrol and other patrols.

    Information release
    Video panoramic surveillance
    360-deg;Infinite-bit cloud billiard machine
    GPS/Beidou Positioning
    Local storage of information and 4G transmission
    Optional smart analytics

    Technical parameters:
    Power: DC12V
    Warning light: red and blue
    Horn: 100 to 200W
    Number of cameras: default 8, max 9
    Resolution: .2 million
    Display: support sm: Chinese, numbers, letters, etc.
    4G: Full Netcom
    Location: GPS/Beidou