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Practical handheld metal detector

  • No:MD--3003B1
  • Quantity:
    Hand-held metal detector, its easy to use, without any adjustment controller, detection of metal objects to respond quickly, sound and LED light-emitting at the same time alarm and can change the alarm state, the original factory equipped with a special anti-leather waist holster, this product has external charging function.  

    smiddot; technical parameters

    the form factor: 440mm (s) x 60mm (s) x 110mm (h)
    smiddot;working power: standard 9V alkaline battery
    alarm mode: sound (vibration) light synchronous alarm
    smiddot; whole box gross weight: 16KG
    smiddot; whole box size: 56.5 x 31 x 46cm

    smiddot; performance and features

    With a holster for easy to carry
    With sound and vibration switch, suitable for different environments
    With charging, 4-6 hours (charger is available separately)
    The alarm mode has the sound and light alarm, the vibration light alarm, flexible choice of operation mode
    When using the low sensitivity switch function, the detector will only alert large metal objects, not small metal items (please do not release the switch until the low sensitivity detection is completed)


    Security: Prevent carrying prohibited items such as: Knives, Guns
    Factory Damage Prevention: Preventing the Loss of Valuables
    Education: Preventing cheating tools such as mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, etc.