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Gold and silver probe aluminum detector

  • No:Gold, Silver, Aluminum and Metal Detectors
  • Quantity:
    MD3003B1 copper detector, gold and silver probe aluminum metal detector
    1, simple operation, design, easy to save, low failure rate.
    2, sensitivity is very easy to detect a large needle size (even smaller) metal objects. Sensitivity can be adjusted according to site requirements.
    3, there is battery undervoltage indication (LED lights on).
    4, to praise is in the same style of products in this model of the highest cost-effective.
    5, alarm mode has sound light, vibration two kinds of alarm prompt.
    This model has become an industrial enterprise, electronic digital production enterprises, gold processing necessary for conventional security anti-theft equipment. Especially in the field of education application is more prominent: such as the college entrance examination room to prevent candidates from carrying mobile phones, handheld computers, electronic dictionaries, calculators, wireless transmission and other cheating equipment, has become China's annual college entrance examination site necessary inspection equipment
    Product parameters:
    Dimensions: 395mm x 140mm
    Weight: 20/case, 7.4 kg/box,
    Package size: 52.5cmX31.6cmX37.8cm