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The police king is armed with a metal detector.

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    Usually the metal detector is composed of two parts, that is, the metal detector and automatic reject device, in which the detector is the core part. The detector is connected with three sets of coils, namely, the central emission coil and two peer receiving coils, connected by the intermediate emission coil.Falling Metal DetectorThe salut produces a high-frequency variable magnetic field, and the inductive voltage of the receiving coils on both sides when idle is balanced by canceling each other before the magnetic field is undisturbed. Once the metal impurities enter the magnetic field area and the magnetic field is disturbed, this balance is broken, the inductive voltage of the two receiving coils cannot be offset, and the unactivated inductive voltage is amplified by the control system and an alarm signal is generated (metal impurities are detected). The system can use this alarm signal to drive automatic rejecting devices, etc., thus removing metal impurities from the production line.

    The elements used by metal detectors, from tubes, transistors and even integrated circuits, have been updated with the development of the new generation, and their application has been extended to almost all fields, which plays an important role in industrial production and personal safety.

    2013-2018 China Metal Detector Market Competition Pattern and Investment Prospects Assessment ReportTen chapters. Firstly, it introduces the relevant overview of metal detector, the operating environment of China's metal detector market, and then analyzes the current situation of the development of The Metal Detector market in China, and then introduces the market operation situation of the key regional metal detector in China. Subsequently, the report analyzes the competitiveness of key enterprises of China's metal detector, and finally analyzes the development trend and investment forecast of China's metal detector industry. This report is an essential tool for you if you want to have a systematic understanding of the metal detector industry or if you want to invest in the metal detector industry.