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Anti-eavesdropping/Anti-eavesdropping/Anti-eavesdropping/Confidential Conference 2.4 Nonlinear Junction Detector

  • No:ORION™2.4 HX
  • Quantity:

    ORION 2.4 HX Nonlinear Junction Detector

    Find eavesdropping equipment

    ORION 2.4 HX Nonlinear Junction Detector (NLJD) detects electronic semiconductor components in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, containers or other surfaces. ORION 2.4 HX NLJD detects and locates hidden cameras, microphones and other electronic devices whether the monitoring device is radiation, hard-wired or off.

    efficiency2.4 GHz shorter wavelength is more effective in detecting modern surface mount circuits in common office environments

    UsabilityA variety of alarm methods equipped with visual range antennas to install displays enable users to visualize targets and displays simultaneously

    PortabilityLightweight design weighs less than 3 pounds and integrated telescopic rod does not need to be assembled


    & sect; digital modulated transmission signal, related second and third harmonic response and adjustable DSP gain to provide improved detection and minimization of interference (in patent application)

    & sect; histogram showing the continuous history of harmonic response and power adjustment (patent pending)

    & Sect; Touch Screen Display Transmission, Complete RF Spectrum in the 2nd or 3rd Frequency Range

    & Sect; 1.25 MHz broadband broadband transmission signal improves detection sensitivity

    & sect; you can choose alarm sounds and tactile (vibration) alarms to alert when the signal level exceeds the travel level

    & Sect; Line-of-sight antenna is equipped with display and LED headlights so that even in dark areas, users can focus their eyes on both the scanned target and the display screen at the same time.

    & sect; compact and lightweight design weighs only 2.8 pounds/1.3 kilograms

    & sect; integrated telescopic pole does not require pole or cable assembly

    & sect; a synthetic transceiver with frequency stability and flexibility, which can automatically search for clean operating frequencies (2.404 GHz - 2.472 GHz)

    & sect; circularly polarized transmitting and receiving antennas eliminate the risk of loss due to incorrect antenna polarization


    & Sect; Technical Supervision Countermeasure (TSCM)

    & sect; anti-surveillance

    & sect; non-linear junction detection

    & Sect; Find hidden electronic products

    & Sect; Find electronic contraband

    & Sect; Intelligence Protection

    & sect; administrative protection

    & sect; eavesdropping detection

    & sect; monitoring device detection

    & sect; electronic surveillance and detection

    Product Specification


    Emission power*3.3 W EIRP; GModel:6.6 W EIRP
    Power control: manual or automatic control
    Band:2.404 GHz - 2.472 GHz
    Launch channel: manual or automatic selection
    Transmit modulation: digital1.25 MHzbandwidth
    * G
    Types available to entities, agents and non-acceptanceFCCRestricted Personnel Use/I got it! Both power levels are markedCESigns to ensure public safety.


    Simultaneous Second and Third Harmonic Receiving
    Digital correlation

    · Second harmonic(4.808 GHz - 4.944 GHz

    · Third harmonic(7.212 GHz - 7.416 GHz

    Sensitivity: Both harmonics are-140 dBm


    Handle type2.7Inch Touch Screen Controller Display**
    Antenna Installation Display
    The bar chart shows the power level for transmitting, the second harmonic level, the third harmonic level, the data field display, and other information (operation mode, low battery power, volume,DSPGain, etc.)
    Keyboard models are also available


    Extension length:16-51Inch(40.6-129.5Centimeter)
    Shell size:6.25inchx 14.9inchx 18.5Inch(15.9centimeterx 37.8centimeterx 47.0Centimeter)
    ORION 2.4 HX
    Size:22.4inchx 3.75inchx 3Inch(57Centimeter) x 9centimeterx 7.5Centimeter)
    Overall elongation length:58Inch(147Centimeter)
    ORION 2.4 HX
    Weight and battery:3Pounds (1.4Kg)
    Shell weight includesORIONAnd accessories:12Pounds (5.4Kg)


    inputAC100-240 V50-60 Hz
    Running time:greater thanEach batteryMore than 4Hours (typical values)
    Charging time: each battery2.5hour
    Batteries: Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (including2One)
    Attached battery pack:RRC Power SolutionsModel of lithium ion rechargeable battery packRRC2040Rating11.25V2950mAh33.2Wh


    Working temperature:-10to50°C
    Battery charging temperature:5to37°C
    Storage temperature:-20to60°C
    Note: In the40°CLong-term storage at above temperatures will reduce the battery andOLEDPerformance and life of display screen.