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Push-pull self-locking connector, communication base station harness, connector

  • No:Changfangjie B Series
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    Shenzhen Changfangjie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, production and sales of precision hardware products. Main push-pull self-locking connector, connector customization, connector development, connector design, FischerfischerConnectors, aviation plugs, wire harness processing, die manufacturing and injection molding, etc. In the electronic components-connectors industry, it has won the recognition of the majority of customers.

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    The company has strong technical force, advanced production equipment, exquisite manufacturing technology, strict quality control and sound management system. It has taken the lead in creating a professional precision connector engineering technology research which integrates engineering technology research, design and development, test and testing, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and a set of technical services. The Research Center has introduced Korea one after another.HanwhaCNC Machine Tools, USAAgilentNetwork analyzer and other advanced production and testing equipment are near30Taiwan (set), and in the industry to take the lead in passingISO9001Certificate of quality systemandRoHSEnvironmental Protection Certification。 On the basis of strictly implementing relevant certification standards and standards and implementing scientific management, equivalent reference should be made.GBGJBJSGYNational, military, industry standards, etc.MIL-CIECDINInternational advanced standards such as design, manufacturing and testing, high starting point, high standards, high grade, carefully create better product quality, create greater value for customers, existing products are close to30Series2000Multiple specifications.

    The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality electronic information interconnection solutions and fine interconnection industrial products."Keep improving products, serve customers sincerely, satisfy customers'needs and continuously improve"Quality policy, adhering to"Quality First, Customer First, Sincerity First and Common Development"Business purpose, adhere to excellent quality, fast delivery, reasonable price and quality after-sales tracking service for all customers to provide better interconnection products and services.

    The company's products are widely used in aerospace, military equipment, communications, network systems, etc.ITIndustrial electronics, consumer electronics, industrial control and instrumentation, transportation and shipping, medical equipment and automotive industry and other military and civil fields, and a large number of exports to the United States, Japan, Germany, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, product quality and service level by domestic and foreign customers trust and praise, enjoy in the field of electronic information interconnection Has a high reputation.

    [Product Advantage] The company has a full range of production processes, including3Dimensional design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, stamping, turning, CNC processing, electroplating, automatic assembly and wire harness processing can create the most satisfactory products according to customer needs.