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Conference Control | Mobile Control | Camp Mobile Control

  • No:Mobile Phone Control 001
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    I. Overview

    Mobile phone management and control system,Target mobile phone based on communication technologyIMSIIMEICode Detection, Communication Control, Mobile Phone Number AcquisitionOfequipmentproductAcquisition and translation of mobile phone number in control area without suppression11Bit number.

    II. Functional description

    1. Mobile phone frequency band coverage: support mobile, unicom, telecommunications mobile phone full-band access;

    2. Supporting the detection and capture of full-band mobile phone's IMSI, IMEI, 11-digit mobile phone numbers;

    3. Accurate control of the mobile phone inside the venue can be realized, and the mobile phone number within the venue can be accurately captured.

    4. Fast acquisition speed, automatic search, without manual assistance;

    5. In the controlled area, the success rate of capturing IMSI and IMEI is more than 98%, and that of capturing 11-bit mobile phone numbers is more than 90%.

    6. Capturing the speed of all IMSI and IMEI: 60 per minute, capturing the speed of all 11-bit mobile phone numbers: 16 per minute. The acquisition time of a single number is as long as 15 seconds.

    7. Subarea control, adjustable controlled area, 10-300 square meters coverage, convenient operation, flexible deployment, stand-alone use, installation and deployment time is less than 2 minutes; start-up and operation time is less than 3 minutes;

    8. The prohibited number display is over 75 inches of ultra-high-definition liquid crystal display (including brackets), which is provided by Party A.

    9. Power supply mode: two ways can be used at the same time. Lithium batteries can be used for power supply, and the service time of the batteries is not less than 2 hours. At the same time, adapters can be used for power supply, which can satisfy the continuous service time of at least 12 hours.

    10. Full support for directional and omnidirectional control;

    11. White list and blacklist can be set up to achieve accurate management of personal communication rights. Whitelist users can communicate normally, and call, short message and data services are used normally, while blacklist users are in the state of signaling blockage, unable to use any form of communication services;

    13. Whitelist can be imported in advance, and telephone can be input directly, in the form of: Zhang San:138X, enter the secret-related areas, whitelist directly shows the name and mobile phone number, blacklist directly shows the mobile phone number.

    II. Conference Display Effect