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Electronic In-Screen and Attack Systems (Controlled Standards)

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    Shenzhen Sensunda Electronic technology Co., Ltd.
    Li Desheng 18682085755
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    Shenzhen Sensunda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for the national high-tech enterprises, registered capital of 80 million yuan. Is now the Shenzhen Ping An Bao'an Science and Technology Association President Unit, Shenzhen Security Prevention Industry Association Vice President Unit, Shenzhen Special Equipment Association Vice President Unit, Shenzhen Industrial Association Vice President Unit, China (Shenzhen) Drone Industry Alliance Executive Director Unit, China Security Association member units, is approved by the Ministry of Public Security police equipment network personnel units. The company is committed to research and development and manufacture of independent intellectual property rights of high-tech police equipment, as a stable and powerful country as its own responsibility, adhere to the scientific and technological strong police research and development direction, to science and technology police force, improve the actual combat capability, business scope: police equipment, security equipment, criminal technical equipment, security equipment, road traffic safety equipment, fire equipment, safety prevention products, Laser production and development and product sales; The company currently employs more than 90 people, including the national leader of the research and development team more than 10 people. Division I annual turnover of more than 60 million yuan, all for independent intellectual property rights products, dozens of patent applications, and has been authorized by the national invention patent. Among them, "police with the arrest gloves" "electronic action restraint" "electronic control arrester" "sound photoelectric anti-riot dispersal shield" and other products in the national public security, armed police and troops have been widely promoted and used, and has been highly evaluated.